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"The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe."Lena Horne (via paarasytes)
The Five Stages of Grieving a Fictional Character


1. Denial
2. Denial
3. Denial
4. Denial

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finding out someone’s been talking shit about u


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Sugar Cream Puff Stickers, 1996
ask children before you touch them



  • ask children before you hug them
  • ask children before you pick them up
  • if moving a child is unavoidable for their safety, at least warn them first and explain afterwards
  • this applies to disabled children
  • this applies to non- or pre-verbal children, since words are not the only kind of consent or language
  • treat a child as you wish people had treated you

children are people. they will remember you violating their boundaries for their whole lives and it will irreparably damage how they view their worth as people.

don’t teach your kids that they should unquestioningly accept touch no matter what. teach them they deserve respect.

This doesn’t just apply to “your kids.”

The number of times I got touched and even lifted up and held by STRANGERS as a child is terrifying.  Every “Oh her hair is so long for her age” was accompanied by a grab or a stroke to my head.

And “oh she’s so exotic looking, where’s her father from?” came with a lift off the ground or a pat to the cheek.

This is horrifying.  What makes adults think it’s okay to manhandle strangers just because they happen to be small children?

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weirded out when people take pictures of other people sleeping or without their knowledge or consent / weirded out when people pass them around like they’re not real people /  like you would not be embarrassed or feel violated if that happened to you / every person is a real person / the internet takes away humanity so easily don’t let it make you cruel 


“As most of you probably know, someone somewhere dumped a deluge of purported nude photographs of a number of female celebrities online yesterday. The victims include the likes of Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski, and Teresa Palmer. But the focal point for this story has been Hunger Games/American Hustle actress Jennifer Lawrence, since the Oscar winning actress is perhaps the most famous actress on the planet right now. Without going into sordid details ( Justice and Grande have claimed their respective photos are fake, others have confirmed they are real), I’d like to make two very specific points. Ms. Lawrence and the other victims have absolutely nothing to apologize for in terms of the contents of the photos or the nature in which they were leaked. The story itself should not be addressed as if it were a scandal, but rather what it is: A sex crime involving theft of personal property and the exploitation of the female body. Outlets as mainstream as People and CNN are referring to the photo leak as a “scandal.” All due respect, it’s not a scandal. The actresses and musicians involved did nothing immoral or legally wrong by choosing to take nude pictures of themselves and put them on their personal cell phones. You may argue, without any intended malice, that it may be unwise in this day-and-age to put nude pictures of yourself on a cell phone which can be act and/or stolen. But without discounting that statement, the issue is that these women have the absolute right and privilege to put whatever they want on their cell phones with the expectation that said contents will remain private or exclusive to whomever is permitted to see them just like their male peers. The burden of moral guilt is on the people who stole said property and on those who chose to consume said stolen property for titillation and/or sexual gratification.”

— Scott Mendelson (http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2014/09/01/jennifer-lawrence-nude-photo-leak-isnt-a-scandal-its-a-sex-crime/)  (via jlawandcompany)

Artist: UnknownLykke Li
Title: UnknownI Follow Rivers (Acoustic)
Album: UnknownBlue Is The Warmest Color
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